Friday, November 14, 2008

Ways to use Solar Power in your home

As the environmental costs and limited supply of power sources such as fossil fuels are realized, solar power is rapidly becoming a much more viable alternative. It is an excellent alternative energy source, and it can be used for creating power and heat.

The creation of electrical power from solar power is generated through the use of photovoltaic panels that capture radiant energy form the sun and convert it into electricity. Each PV cell is made of two slices of silicon, mixed with a little bit of either phosphorous or boron since pure silicon. The cells absorb the sunlight, then the layers of silicon separate the electrons out into positive and negative charges, creating electrical current. The current can either be used immediately, or stored in batteries for later use. The reaction only produces direct current electricity however so it must be passed through an inverter to be converted into an alternating current so it can be used in our homes. A typical PV cell can last up to 40 years with no maintenance other than a yearly clean.

You can also use solar electric power for your outside lights and to power your landscape features. Antoher really effecient use for solar power is to supply electricity to your well pump - if your home uses a well for its water supply. Solar power can be used to power high efficiency water pumps which can be linked directly to PV cells, or which come in their own kits, ready for installation to your pump motor.

There are also solar systems that exist for heating your home water supply, your pool, or outdoor hot-tubs. Water supply heating systems simply set up on your roof, or next to your pool or hot tub, and circulate the water supply through a heat exchange unit. The heat is produced from the sunlight that hits these units and they can greatly reduce heating costs. These can be used year-round in hot climates, and they also make special units for use in cold, freezing climates.

In addition, you can couple these units with radiant panel flooring that can installed in your home, and can actually replace existing conventional water heaters, dramatically reducing utility bills by up to 85 percent.

Solar power can also provide additional heat to any kind of heating system by using hot air panels or a “solar wall.” This adds heat to the building directly during hours of sunlight.

These are just a few of the most popular uses for solar energy that can help you to increase your homes energy effeciency, and keep your lifestyle comfortable - but green!

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