Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Get Solar Power Grants

There are tax rebates and government programs designed to help you start using alternative energy. Since solar power equipment is still very expensive, and can be very hard on your budget to try and start using, you can look for grants to help you purchase and install a solar panel system. Think about the type of solar power system you would like to install - such as a solar water heating system or a photovoltaic solar power system. Water heating systems only heat the water in your home whereas photovoltaic systems can provide energy for the entire home. Which one you choose to install dictates which grants you will apply for.

Establish the overall budget for solar power installation. Before you get a solar power grant, you first need to determine just how much the system will cost to install. The solar water heating systems are usually much cheaper to install than the photovoltaic system.

Contact your local city energy office for any local grants that may be available. When you search for solar power it's best to begin at the local level and then expand to the state and federal level. Each level should have solar power grants you can apply for. See the Resources section for more information.

Read the details of the solar power grant and determine if you want to proceed. Some solar power grants are more consumer friendly than others are. You will need to read all of the fine print on just what you have to do qualify for the grant. Some grants will require installing the system first and then will reimburse your expenses, while others will award the grants contingent on the work you complete in the future.

Submit the solar power grant paperwork along with any other information that each grant requires. The detail of the information required varies for each grant.

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