Friday, November 14, 2008

Is heating water with solar energy right for you?

The average house spends more on hot water than any other part of their heating bill. On average, 25% of a home's energy bill is from heating water. If you can implement a system in your home that would allow you to use solar energy to heat your water and transport it throughout your home, it would be one sure-fire way to help you cut down on your energy bill. .

Ideally, you want a south facing roof with a slope of your latitude + 15 degrees. Your solar collector should also have full sun between 9am and 3pm.

When considering a hot water panel setup, you want to make sure that you have panels large enough to supply enough hot water for everyone in your home. A general rule is to get a solar panel that has 10-15 square feet of collective solar area per person in the house. So if you have a home that has 4 people in it, I would recommed that you look at a collection system with panels that cover at least 40 square feet of area to sufficiently supply a constant hot water supply.

These systems, when used properly and installed properly, can help you to shave at least $200-$300 off your energy bill a year. It is important to factor in the amount of shade and the demand for hot water in your home to help you figure out the overall costs and savings.

Now that you know how much these systems can help you save in a year, it is important to note that a typical solar heating system on the market can start anywhere between $1500 and $3000. The systems will generally pay for themselves in about 5-10 years. You can look at the initial price of the solar collector as pre-paying for hot water. There are a wide range of solar water heaters available, so make sure you do your homework and find the system that will work best for your application. You do not want to invest this kind of money only to find that your system is inadequate for your needs.


mikesac said...

It can save a lot of electricity when we try to use this for heating water.There are so many beautiful uses of the solar power but we have neglected it for years together.
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Brittney said...

No i don't think that it should happen..Infact it is good that we are using solar energy for our day to day needs.
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Krista Hiles said...

I completely agree, it is very important for everyone to realize the importance of solar energy as this is beneficial economically and environmentally too.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, It saves more energy if we will use solar energy system. Thanks for sharing.

johnvector said...

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Universal Solar said...

Solar energy is One of Green Energy for Human Being.This Is free energy and cheap.This Important for the future to Make better life of Human Being and Earth
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John V. Bowers said...

I think this is the right term for me. I like solar energy than running it on electric because its more convenient though.

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