Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Types of Solar Power Systems

Solar panels are an excellent way to start using "green" energy and work toward getting your home independent of oil energy. Solar electricity costs about $10 to $12a watt installed, so it is extremely helpful to find the best solar panels for your application and power usage. Here are the three main types of solar panel systems you can install.

The first and most common type of solar photovoltaic system is called a "Grid-interconnected solar power system". In this system, the array of solar panels are added in addition to your normal power supply(provided by your utility company). So in this system, you are still living off the grid, but also but also generating your own power to supplement your homes use.

The second type of solar photovoltaic system that is also commonly used is called a "Grid Inter-tied with battery backup system". This system is very similar to the first system, only it has a "battery bank" added to collect the power generated from the solar panels. The way this works is that the power from the solar panels run to the batteries, which then run to the breaker box and into the house power system. The panels charge the batteries and the batteries are used at night when there is not any sunlight power available.

The third and final type of solar photovoltaic system is called an "Off Grid Photovoltaic System". These systems are not tied to the grid, or any utility power lines, and supply the main source of power to your home directly from solar energy produced. These systems can have wind-power, water-power, and even back-up generators factored in to help provide energy at night. These are generally very high capacity solar power systems, often able of generating at least 10,000 watts minimum of power.

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