Thursday, September 11, 2008

Charge a Car Battery using Solar Power

Solar Power is free energy that you can use to not only power your home, but also your car, motorcyle, scooter, lawnmower - anything with a battery! Using solar power to help you charge your car battery and keep it property charged can help you avoid getting stuck with a dead battery. The solar powered car battery charges available are great for maintaining your battery or helping the alternator of your vehicle to keep your battery charged.

If you go down to your local automotive store, or Truck Stop, you can probably find a portable, solar powered car battery trickle charger. Now the way a trickle charger works as opposed to a direct battery charger is that it only supplies a very slow and small electrical charge to your battery. The solar power charger I use on my car is only a 1.8 watt charger, but it does a great job of keeping my battery maintained! All you have to do is take your charger out of the packaging it comes in, place it on your dashboard or attach it to the inside of your windshield, and then plug it into your cigarette lighter or directly connect it to the positive and negative leads on your battery. As soon as the sun hits the charger, it will instantly start to charge your battery. The cool thing about these chargers is that they come with a one-way diode - which only allows the electrical current to flow in one direction. What this means is that the unit can only charge your battery and not drain it - which is great for use over very long periods of time. When I use this charger on my lawnmower to help maintain the battery, it charges it back up within 20-25 minutes, and I just keep it in my car for a constant charge.

You may have a vehicle in storage, a second car that you do not drive very much, or other power equipment that will need to keep its battery maintained. Solar trickle chargers are an excellent way to keep your batteries fully charged in a portable, easy to use system. It will only cost you the purchase of the charger and will save you the cost of expensive dead batteries.


maddy said...
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maddy said...


I have a problem and I hope you can help.Let me start by saying I;m pretty technical. As a kid I built radios, oscillators, telegraphs, and rockets. I built my own pc and I do upgrades on pcs.

The heater on my car died. The mechanic said it would cost 800.00 to replace it due to the amount of labor involved. There are a number of portable auto heaters on the market but they can't do much through that cigarette lighter. And can rain the battery.

Can I build something that would store solar energy to a battery, and then use that battery to run a heater? or is there another way I can harness and use heat from the sun?

Thanks for creating your site. It's JAn 31 and I need to figure this out asap...Maddy

Sizzling LEO said...

i think modern technology improves all industries despite auto industries but now Solar power batteries technology looks like right way

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