Thursday, September 11, 2008

Basic Components of a Solar Power System

So what are the basic components of a Solar Power System? Well, believe it or not, they really are not that complicated, and they are actually easy to integrate into your homes current power system. The most complicated part about harnessing the sun's energy through solar panels is taking that DC, or direct current energy, and converting it into AC, or alternating current, which can be tied into your homes current power system. The second most difficult thing about using solar power is figuring out how much power you need to run everything in your house, but we will talk about that in another post.

The basic components of a Solar Power System are as follows:
- Solar panels mounted on the roof of your home.
- An inverter that converts DC energy into AC energy for your home to use
- A junction box that connects the solar panel wiring to the house's breaker panel.
- A Battery bank that stores solar power during the day for use at night
- A Power Meter that helps show the power use from the batteries or panels
- A kill switch that disconnects the solar panel from the house power.

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